A Cuillin Rising

A Scottish Digital shorts commission (Digicult) supported by Creative Scotland, UK Film Council and BBC Scotland. The film was written and directed by Catriona MacInnes produced by Martyn Robertson in association with his company Urbancroft Films, and associate produced and edited by Ian Waugh. Starring in the film are emerging talents Lorne MacFadyen (Angel’s Share) and Annie MacLeod (Seachd) as well as accomplished and respected actor Robin Thomson.

A Cuillin Rising – Online Screener 1080p from Catriona MacInnes on Vimeo.
“The Ghost seen by the Soul, A Cuillin Rising over the sea” (Sorley MacLean)
In a shadowy caravan on the Isle of Skye, teenage lovers, Sorley and Maggie spend time awkwardly, stalked by the haunting presence of Sorley’s father, Hector. Arrested by this and by their feelings for each other, the couple seek escape.
A Cuillin Rising is emblematic of the space between tradition and modernity, the souls of youth growing up in an old country where ghosts lie athwart with new life. Maggie and her Mum are from an old traveling community but have now settled as tenants on Hectors land. Maggie speaks freely with her Gaelic tongue and can comfort herself by humming an old tune, whilst her troubled lover Sorley fears the roots which he sees as his fathers and not his own. In their shared sorrow and solitude, rage and fear have erupted between Father and Son and after a period of withdrawal, Hector has now come to seek his son out. Sorley cannot bear this intrusion or the emotion that Maggie is now innocently compounding and absorbing. In the aftermath it is Maggie who is left alone with her soul and what it has seen.